Product Description:  A highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid serum that attracts and maintains skin hydration with high and low molecular weight proteins which permeate the skin and address aging where it begins.  Biotechnologically produced from Glucose, Soy Peptone and Yeast Extract, this natural polysaccharide (large sugar molecule) offers intensive hydration as it penetrates the upper layers of the epidermis, absorbing water that evaporates from the deep dermis.  This hygroscopic property allows for the volume of the spheres to increase rapidly.  Upon inflation these spheres tighten the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and leaving an elastic skin surface with long lasting hydration.  Hyaluronic Acid helps to replenish the moisture content of aging and environmentally damaged skin, restoring a youthful radiance and smoothing appearance of fine lines. 


Client Use: Dispense 2 to 3 drops to clean skin prior to application of moisturizer.  Can be layered over other serums.


Professional Use:  May be used as a booster treatment under masks for additional hydration and antioxidant benefits.  Apply a drop to forehead, chin and cheeks, massage in gently and apply mask.  Can be layered with other serums, usually over. 


pH 6.3 – 6.8



  • Ultra-Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid – Studies indicate low weight HA offers better penetration than larger sized HA, Accordingly low HA influences the expression of many genes including those contributing to keratinocyte differentiation and formation of intercellular tight junction.  The increased activity at decreasing molecular weight explains the more efficient skin penetration of the smaller HA molecules.  Topical application of LMW HA improves skin functioning and provides ant-aging effects. 
  • Acqua-Biomin™ Copper Y3 – Bio-active protein-complexed mineral that provides smoothing moisturizing and cell-renewing benefits.
  • Caviar – Speeds up the natural production of collagen up to 67%.  Is very rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and micro-elements Co, Cu, P, Si Zn as well as amino acids such as glycine, lysine, histidine, arginine and asparagine.  Also stimulates the regeneration of the skin and possess antioxidant qualities and protects against harmful UV damage.


Product Ingredients: Aqua (Purified Water), Sodium Hyaluronate, Vegetable Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment, Panthenol, Marine Collagen, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid, Caviar Extract, Mica, Lippia Citriodora Essential Oil, Sodium Hydroxide.

    Ultra Hydrating Serum w/ Caviar




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