The Truth About Hyper-pigmentation

Have you ever wondered how hyper-pigmentation really does it's dirty work? We want to help clear a few things up. Many people believe that hyper-pigmentation rests at the top layers of the skin and as a result, once treated it is gone for good. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth.

Here's the simple truth. Hyper-pigmentation occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain spots of the skin. This results in flat, darkened patches on the surface of the skin that are light brown to black in color, and can vary in size and shape. What surprises many people is the fact that the actual damage is done much deeper within the skin. What we see at the outermost layer of the skin is only the tips of dendrites, the little "fingers" that grow upward from the damaged melanin cells below. These dendrites form the spots that we love to hate on the surface of the skin.

When it comes to treating these spots, the best result you hope for is to suppress the outward evidence and keep it pushed down below the surface of the skin. There are many ways you can do this, but we will focus on how to achieve and maintain healthy even skin through the use of professional products and - how to protect yourself from slipping backwards.

It's important to seek out products that are formulated to address issues specifically related to sun damage and pigmentation caused by acne breakouts. Begin building your daily regimen by including a cleanser meant to even out skin tone. We recommend regular use of our Daily Brightening Cleanser, which we formulated using ingredients designed to do just that. It features pumpkin, which contains forms of Vitamin A, D-Beta-Carotene and Lactic Acid; ingredients that leave skin brighter and more even every day.

Next, we recommend including an exfoliating product, which is important for many reasons; the biggest one being the removal of dead skin cells that accumulate daily and leave skin looking dull, tired and uneven. We suggest a dual chemical and physical exfoliator, like our Dual Action Micro Exfoliant, which contains Lactic Acid and JoJoba Esters to polish and resurface with ease. Regular exfoliation allows products to perform better, as they don't have to make their way through the dead skin build up that can slow down much desired skin-tone evening progress.

Next, we suggest adding a spot treatment using a serum designed specifically with hyper-pigmentation in mind. JEM offers our Advanced Brightening Serum, which contains acids focused on the reduction and eventually removal of even the most stubborn surface spots. It's Hydroquinone-free and boasts five proven brighteners, including Ferulic Acid, Resveratrol, Arbutin, Azelaic and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP). These ingredients are all found in nature, without any risk to your health. Keep in mind, if you use a brightening serum over your entire face, you are actually lightening everything, even the skin that is clear of pigmentation, which can make you feel as if nothing is changing. To see the fastest and most effective results, stick with the spot treating method until you achieve your desired results, then, if you would like to, go ahead and apply it to your entire face. When it comes to pigmentation resulting from acne, spot treating is the only way go. Our brightening serum will actually help reduce and eventually eradicate acne, preventing further pigmentation issues entirely.

Using a brightening moisturizer is the final element to successfully treating pigmentation issues. Loaded with the same ingredients found in our brightening serum, our Advanced Repair Moisturizer focuses on the surface of your skin to even skin tone, while providing the necessary hydration your skin requires to maintain a dewy and even glow. Keep in mind serums are for deeper penetration than moisutrizers, hitting pigmentation closer to where it starts.

Finally, something we cannot preach enough. SPF, SPF, SPF. Most customers are unaware of the importance of protecting your skin. When you use products specifically designed to brighten skin, it does make you more vulnerable to the ravages of UV rays, so it's important to make sure you never forget to use sunscreen every time you plan on being outside. It's hard to believe, but 15 minutes in the sun can reverse all the corrective work you have done to rid your complexion of hyper-pigmentation. So set yourself up for extended success by including sunscreen everyday! Your complexion will thank you!

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